Definition of stilt bug in English:

stilt bug


  • A plant bug with very long slender legs.

    Family Berytidae, suborder Heteroptera: many genera

    • ‘It is a valuable addition because it features rare examples such as a stilt bug, found in the 1970s, which had only previously been found in the south.’
    • ‘He found this predatory stilt bug at the Bernice Bishop Museum in Honolulu, Hawaii, among specimens that had been collected by scientists during a faunal survey of Southeast Asia.’
    • ‘A diverse group of insects known as stilt bugs are both friend and foe to our agricultural crops.’
    • ‘Despite the abundance of some stilt bugs, the habits and hosts of most species are unknown.’
    • ‘It includes the bark bugs, stilt bugs, seed bugs, cottonstainers, burrowing bugs, shield bugs and stink bugs.’
    • ‘A stilt bug, Jalysus wickhami, was found on tomatoes and tobacco and only rarely on the other crops.’
    • ‘In a press release sent by health department officials, she explained that stilt bugs are related to the Berytidae family.’
    • ‘Note that the stilt bug family, Berytidae, is the only family on this page whose members were not once a part of the family Lygaeidae.’