Definition of stingaree in English:


Pronunciation /ˌstɪŋɡəˈriː/ /ˈstɪŋɡəriː/


  • 1A cinnamon-brown stingray occurring on sand flats in shallow Australian waters.

    Urolophus testaceus, family Urolophidae

    • ‘Once sexually mature, stingarees have only one litter per year, usually bearing two to four young.’
    • ‘This site is shallow but very interesting with many stingarees, globefish, flathead, velvetfish and salmon.’
    • ‘At least six species of stingarees are known to live along the New South Wales coast.’
    • ‘In addition to this defensive poisonous sting, most stingarees have cryptic coloration, which acts as camouflage in the sandy or rocky bottom of their habitat.’
    • ‘Once the trail turns south towards the opposite side of the entry point, you'll pass over the sandy channel that always has small stingarees and flathead lying on it.’
    1. 1.1US, Australian, New Zealand informal Any stingray.
      ‘The sloop smack S.R. Packer arrived at New-London, Conn., Thursday from Montauk and brought the skeleton of a 200-pound stingaree, which he harpooned off the Block Island breakwater.’


Mid 19th century alteration of stingray.



/ˌstɪŋɡəˈriː/ /ˈstɪŋɡəriː/