Definition of stinger in English:


Pronunciation /ˈstiNGər/ /ˈstɪŋər/


  • 1An insect or animal that stings, such as a bee or jellyfish.

    ‘bees and wasps are the most commonly encountered stingers’
    • ‘Known also as the sea wasp and the marine stinger, box jellyfish have killed about 65 people in the past century.’
    • ‘On Catalyst you can also meet the amazing Tuatara from New Zealand who is not a lizard and who goes back to the Jurassic and meet stingers, the box jellyfish we talked about on the Science Show in January.’
    • ‘A few other people were strolling over the sand, but no one was in the water, and for a very good reason: It was March and so the height of the season for box jellyfish, also known as sea wasps, marine stingers, or just stingers.’
    • ‘Warm days and cool nights have heralded the disappearance of marine stingers for the season, making this the best time to kayak the far north.’
    • ‘A research group at Philadelphia's Wistar Institute has found a potential stinger in European fire bugs, Pyrrhocoris apterus.’
    • ‘There are rainforest walks, 4WD excursions, bird safaris and a pool - crucial, as stinger jellyfish mean you can't swim in the sea for half the year.’
    • ‘They are quite aggressive stingers if they're threatened.’
    • ‘The Australian stinger Chironex fleckeri is among the deadliest creatures in the world, having caused human fatalities.’
    • ‘There were lots of snakelike creatures, some roundish things as prickly as hedgehogs and some notable beaks and pincers as well as possibly a stinger or two.’
    1. 1.1The part of an insect or animal that holds a sting.
      ‘scorpions use their stinger judiciously’
      ‘the stinger of the bee’
      • ‘Other eusocial animal groups defend themselves with stingers, mandibles, and sharp teeth.’
      • ‘What's more, the radula, a harpoonlike stinger that delivers the venom, can strike with enough speed and force to pierce a diver's wetsuit.’
      • ‘I questioned students about parts other than the body and limbs that could be added, briefly demonstrating that tails, horns, ears, claws, stingers and eyes could be fashioned from the newspaper.’
      • ‘Thus, the tails of rays may develop barbs & stingers, with or without toxic secretions.’
      • ‘If you have been stung by an insect, remove the insect's stinger with your fingernails, if possible.’
      • ‘The voracious predator has a quarter-inch stinger that pumps out a dose of venom with an enzyme so strong it can dissolve human tissue.’
      • ‘With the aid of the recently invented microscope, Hooke examined the structure of feathers, the stinger of bees, the ‘tongue’ of mollusks and the feet and mandibles of insects.’
      • ‘Gelatinous animals include more than just the medusa-like jellyfish that wash up on the beach - like comb jellies, which have a different architecture, and no stingers.’
      • ‘The invertebrates are choking fishing nets and poisoning the catch with their toxic stingers, fishers say.’
      • ‘A worker honeybee that stings us to defend her mother and other family members in the hive is doomed, for she cannot extract her barbed stinger from her victim without ripping out her innards in the process.’
      • ‘You're not stepping on them, you're not poking them, you're not biting them as a predator might, where they would have a need to use their stinger.’
      • ‘The instant I removed the big stinger, along with the attached ant, the pain lessened.’
      • ‘Some of these animals have defensive spines or stingers that can cause pain or injury.’
      • ‘Solitary species such as cicada killers, carpenter bees, digger wasps and mud daubers use their stingers to subdue the insects and spiders upon which they prey.’
      • ‘After firmly grasping the victim's skin with its jaws, an ant arches its back and inserts its rear-end stinger into the flesh, injecting venom from a poison sac, inflicting seven or eight stings.’
      • ‘Other times, we'd find unarmed civilian ‘moon’ jellyfish with no stingers.’
      • ‘They resembled flies and their stingers were still very powerful, according to him.’
      • ‘It uses its tentacles and stingers to paralyze its prey.’
      • ‘He found that fire ants use their stinger not only for defensive purposes but also for pheromone dispersal.’
      • ‘All that formic acid coming from those thousands of stingers probably produces quite a sensation.’
    2. 1.2informal A painful blow.
      ‘he suffered a stinger on his right shoulder’
      • ‘For the 49ers, the CB suffered a stinger and a knee sprain, and another CB sprained a finger on his right hand.’
      • ‘He missed spring drills in 2001 because he suffered stingers in his neck last season.’
      • ‘Broncos MLB Al, the team's leading tackler and lone veteran linebacker healthy, was having an Pro Bowl-caliber season before suffering a neck stinger on Sunday.’
      • ‘The club is monitoring the health of a CB who suffered a neck stinger against Washington in Week 15.’
      • ‘Hill suffered a neck stinger the first day of camp and felt pain all the way to his ankle.’
      • ‘Knocked out of the previous weekend's game by a neck stinger, he was held out for the first time since 1993.’
      • ‘He has yet to play a down in the regular season because of a neck stinger.’
      • ‘The starting RCB suffered what he thought was a neck stinger on the first weekend of training camp and hadn't participated in workouts since the injury.’
  • 2StingerA heat-seeking ground-to-air missile that is launched from the shoulder.

    • ‘Later, Washington transferred the shoulder-fired, ground-to-air Stinger missiles that lessened Moscow's aerial dominance and contributed to the Soviet withdrawal in 1989.’
    • ‘Stay at midrange (well away from its feet - they'll squash you like a rogue tick) and aim for the radar-looking thing on its right shoulder with your Stinger missiles.’
    • ‘With Stinger anti-aircraft missiles launching into the air, tank cannons booming and streaks of tracer bullets crisscrossing your vision, it is both terrifying and exhilarating.’
    • ‘However, little could be done about increasingly sophisticated ground-based anti-aircraft capability, notably surface-to-air missiles such as Stinger and Blowpipe.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the Marines would like to find a system to replace the short-range Stinger surface-to-air missile.’



/ˈstiNGər/ /ˈstɪŋər/