Definition of stinger net in English:

stinger net


  • A net enclosing a swimming area to keep out dangerous jellyfish.

    ‘the seawater recreation lagoon is free and has a stinger net’
    • ‘Back at the popular beaches near their hotel they'd seen people swimming inside what the locals called "stinger nets."’
    • ‘By the end of day one we were scared silly: we'd been corralled into a 40 -metre-wide "stinger net" while the fabulous curve of "Famous Four Mile Beach" stretched ominously empty of swimmers.’
    • ‘Stinger nets have drastically reduced the number of incidents.’
    • ‘The stinger nets will remain in place until at least mid-May, and swimmers are encouraged to wear a stinger suit.’
    • ‘The arrival of the box jellyfish close to the beach prevents swimming in the surf unless the beaches have the protective stinger nets installed.’
    • ‘Unless the beaches have protective stinger nets installed, it's best not to swim off the beaches.’
    • ‘This beach has a stinger net during the stinger season.’
    • ‘When the stinger net is in place, please only swim inside its protective barriers.’
    • ‘The island has plenty of safe swimming beaches - each with a stinger net - and the water is warm year-round.’
    • ‘Children were told to evacuate the water after a crocodile was spotted lounging inside the stinger net enclosure at Etty Bay, south of Cairns.’