Definition of stink (or smell) to high heaven in English:

stink (or smell) to high heaven


  • Have a very strong and unpleasant odour.

    ‘the quayside stank to high heaven of salt fish’
    • ‘Unfortunately, they also stink to high heaven, so you need a pretty strong stomach for that particular activity.’
    • ‘It stinks to high heaven and it's cold at the moment.’
    • ‘‘The whole thing stinks to high heaven,’ he said.’
    • ‘Something about the story stinks to high heaven.’
    • ‘As we reported, he says this corporate tax bill stinks to high heaven.’
    • ‘The whole media business stinks to high heaven as far as I'm concerned.’
    • ‘This sort of stuff stinks to high heaven and has registered quite high in the minds of my flatmates and all would be visitors to our shores.’
    • ‘You know it stinks to high heaven, Pete, and you're the responsible minister.’
    • ‘Oh sure, the house stinks to high heaven, but it's just the varnish, a small price to pay for the end result.’
    • ‘The fact that they printed the story without even doing the most basic checks stinks to high heaven.’
    • ‘The sun is bleaching the colour out of the streets, and the fish on the market stall are stinking to high heaven as they sweat on a bed of ice, but everyone is smiling and weaving their way around the tourists.’
    • ‘He only had the clothing he had been released in and was ‘stinking to high heaven’.’
    • ‘You people stink to high heaven of moral righteousness.’
    • ‘There are, alas, all too many foreign policy dilemmas like this one - when all the policy options stink to high heaven.’
    • ‘What was not in perfect health was her house: it stank to high heaven (or, more appropriately, low hell).’
    • ‘I was totally covered, it was all through my clothes, and it stank to high heaven.’
    • ‘For the remaining three hours of the exercise, I stank to high heaven with other members of the patrol deliberately evading me.’
    • ‘When you eventually are given the ‘privilege’ of entry you are led to a large building that smells to high heaven.’
    • ‘The idea of a town's worth of bins, all smelling to high heaven, in close proximity to each other, is not at all a happy one winter or summer.’
    • ‘Anyway, whatever it is, it stinks to the highest heaven.’
    foul-smelling, evil-smelling, stinking, stinking to high heaven, reeking, fetid, malodorous, pungent, acrid, rank, putrid, noxious