Definition of stink badger in English:

stink badger


  • A SE Asian badger with a long mobile snout, short stout limbs, and anal glands that contain a foul-smelling liquid which can be squirted at an attacker.

    Genus Mydaus, family Mustelidae: two species, including the teledu

    • ‘Saucer-eyed tarsiers, pale moon rats and scruffy stink badgers perch stiffly in glass cases.’
    • ‘Coloration in skunks and stink badgers serves as an aposematic signal to would-be predators.’
    • ‘Two species of stink badgers, also included in this family, are the closest living relatives to skunks.’
    • ‘In Indonesia, the stink badger is known as the sigung, while in Malaysia it is called teledu.’
    • ‘Occasionally, the Palawan stink badger is classified in a genus of its own, listed as Suillotaxus marchei.’
    • ‘The two species of stink badgers were thought to be distinct genera, but here are referred to as a single genus.’
    • ‘Like skunks, stink badgers can reward an enemy with a blast of a vile-smelling liquid.’
    • ‘The stocky Palawan stink badger has earned its name from its potent spray, which smells much like that of a skunk.’
    • ‘In addition to the hog-nosed, striped and spotted skunks of North America, the family includes the stink badger from Asia.’
    • ‘Both of the stink badgers are well known for the potency of their anal gland secretions, and their willingness to use these secretions in defence, hence the name ‘stink badger’.’
    • ‘There are seven different species of badger, including the African honey badger and the Indonesian stink badger.’
    • ‘The editor of this Web site would like to point out that this does not apply to Mydaus javanensis, the Indonesian stink badger.’