Definition of stipule in English:



  • A small leaflike appendage to a leaf, typically borne in pairs at the base of the leaf stalk.

    ‘A terminal bud was defined as the stage when the stipules of the foliage leaves covered the shoot apex and the youngest foliage leaf was offset from the central axis of the shoot apex.’
    • ‘Accumulation of CKs in shoot tissues known for high transpiration, such as guard cells and the mesophyll cells below them, trichomes, hydathodes, stipules, and stigma filaments appears to be reasonable.’
    • ‘The colleter, an epidermal secretory structure, can be found mainly on the adaxial side of stipules and/or sepals among 60 families of the angiosperms.’
    • ‘For each species, there are serial sub sections enumerated and described: form, bark, twigs, pith, buds, leaves, fall leaf color, stipules, leaf scars, flowers, fruit, seeds, wood, and current champion.’
    • ‘Morphological characters include leaves that are not gland-dotted, persistent intrapetiolar stipules, some apetalous species, and a reduction in stamen number in several species.’



/ˈstipyo͞ol/ /ˈstɪpjul/


Late 18th century from French stipule or Latin stipula ‘straw’.