Definition of stir someone's blood in English:

stir someone's blood


  • Make someone excited or enthusiastic.

    • ‘There was little between two great teams, but Waterford were the sharper, the more determined and, in the end, sharpness and determination allied to a brand of hurling that still stirs the blood and excites the memory carried that day.’
    • ‘Which is the shrewdest motivational trick of all for a national team manager to employ, because at the top level it is not money or patriotism which stirs the blood of footballers, but the prospect of self-improvement.’
    • ‘Do we not deserve a flag that stirs the blood and sparks starry-eyed pride in the way that the Star-Spangled Banner does for Americans?’
    • ‘He is hardly the kind of leader that stirs the blood.’
    • ‘Granted this isn't one of those fixtures that stirs the blood and quickens the pulse.’
    • ‘If the capital wasn't exactly awash with tartan as it might have been in the days when international matches stirred the blood, there was about the place a degree of optimism, a sense that this at least amounted to the arrival of a new dawn.’
    • ‘There is so much in the next 11 months to stir the blood.’
    • ‘Before anyone got wet, there would be the ritual war cry, just to stir the blood and summon up the spirits of champions past.’
    • ‘There cannot, however, be much in that to stir the blood or to satisfy the passion for the chase.’
    • ‘The Olympics as a concept, as a package, doesn't stir my blood, and I don't greatly care as such whether Australians win things or not.’