Definition of stirrup pants in English:

stirrup pants

plural noun

  • A pair of women's or girls' stretch pants with a band of elastic at the bottom of each leg that passes under the arch of the foot.

    • ‘She weathered good and bad trends, passing up the unflattering polyester pants of the '60s and dancing into the '80s with stirrup pants and leg warmers.’
    • ‘All I can say is, thank God for cotton casuals, fleece sweatshirts and elastic-waist stirrup pants!’
    • ‘The swirl of varying dictates makes it hard to know which clothing mandates are worth following and which are better tossed to the fashion graveyard to fester among Skids and stirrup pants.’
    • ‘Even though she was chubby, her shoulder-length curly hair framed an attractive, well-made-up face, and she wore her red stirrup pants and red-and-black angora sweater with panache.’
    • ‘He was fastidious about Terri's appearance, spraying her with Picasso perfume and outfitting her in stirrup pants and matching tops from The Limited.’


stirrup pants

/ˈstɪrəp pæn(t)s/