Definition of stitchwort in English:



  • A straggling European plant of the pink family with a slender stem and white starry flowers. It was formerly thought to cure a stitch in the side.

    Genus Stellaria, family Caryophyllaceae: several species, in particular greater stitchwort (S. holostea)

    • ‘Verges were yellow and white with celandine and stitchwort.’
    • ‘Lesser stitchwort, Stellaia graminea, has tiny white flowers with deeply divided petals while red campion, Silene dioica, is much more pink than red.’
    • ‘It can be distinguished from other stitchworts by the roughness of the edges of the leaves and stems.’
    • ‘It supports a tremendous variety of flowers including St John's wort, orchids, stitchworts and bugle.’
    • ‘Lesser stitchwort is often all but obscured in the grassy slopes and drier meadows it tends to prefer.’
    • ‘The show of spring flowers, in particular bluebells, yellow archangel and stitchworts, is not to be missed.’
    • ‘Early summer offers a profusion of wild flowers; the pinks, blues and whites of campions, bluebells and stitchworts are matched by the yellow expanses of meadow buttercups and dandelions.’
    • ‘A potion of stitchwort and acorns prepared in wine was a well-used remedy.’
    • ‘There are patches of wood-sorrel, wood anemone and greater stitchwort in the ground layer; a wide variety of fungi appear in autumn.’
    • ‘Ground flora species of the semi natural woodlands include: wood anemone, lesser celendine, stitchworts, the tangy, lemon tasting wood sorrel, primrose, violet, devils bit scabious and speedwells.’
    • ‘The early golden ‘stars and suns’ of lesser celandine and dandelion are followed by blackthorn blossom, stitchworts, primroses, violets and early purple orchids.’
    • ‘Primroses bugle, greater stitchwort, violets, celandine and many more other flowers scatter the verge and banks of the large ditch along side.’
    • ‘Plants are greater stitchwort, bluebell, devils bit scabious, Himalayan balsam, ragged robin, marsh marigold, quaking grass and lady's smock.’
    • ‘Vernal stitchwort can be use in front borders and rock gardens.’
    • ‘Busy brown rivers, carpets of wood anemones, dog violets, stitchworts, cuckoo flowers and primroses can all be enjoyed without the attention of the midge.’
    • ‘Great wood-rush Luzula sylvatica is locally dominant in the woodland, and the characteristic greater stitchwort Stellaria holostea is found in more open patches.’
    • ‘If you can create a bank on which to grow your hedge, this will provide more opportunities for plants like primroses, violets and stitchworts.’
    • ‘Hedgerows are a blaze with the blackthorn blossom, whose subtle creamy shade of white is nicely contrasted with the much more pure brilliant white of the greater stitchworts and mouse ear blooms which are flowering along side these shrubs in many places.’
    • ‘‘Dead Man's Bones’ is the folk name given to the herb Greater stitchwort, a perennial plant found in damp, shady places throughout Europe.’
    • ‘Members of the Pink family include a number of annuals, biennials, or perennials, including corn spurry, chickweeds and stitchworts (Stellaria spp. and Cerastium spp.), bladder campion, pearlwort, and bouncingbet.’