Definition of stoa in English:



  • 1A classical portico or roofed colonnade.

    • ‘The inscription was carved in a stoa, probably in the 2nd cent.’
    • ‘Thus in the market-place at Athens the stoa poikile was decorated with Polygnotus's representations of the destruction of Troy, the fight of the Athenians with the Amazons, and the battles of Marathon and Oenoe.’
    • ‘This frame has been variously interpreted as a reflection either of temple architecture, or of the stoa which formed part of so many sanctuaries.’
    • ‘Similarly, after the collapse of the stoas and temenos walls that enclosed the sanctuary, further dispersals could have taken place.’
    • ‘The molded base is built into the edge of the street that passes in front of the stoa north of the Library of Pantainos and leads to the Roman Agora; it covers the drainage channel along the street's edge.’
    1. 1.1the StoaThe great hall in Athens in which the ancient Greek philosopher Zeno gave the founding lectures of the Stoic school of philosophy.