Definition of stock agent in English:

stock agent


Australian, New Zealand
  • A person whose job is buying and selling livestock.

    ‘stock agents are reporting a flood of cattle into Queensland saleyards’
    • ‘John explained that one major challenge for the farmer is selling the stud sheep with the reduction in the number of stock agents - one where there used to be five.’
    • ‘From 1879 to 1896 he was financial adviser and loan and stock agent to the New Zealand government.’
    • ‘I remember two stock agents arrived to buy some crossbred lambs, and they pulled up in a green Ford custom line and they had double breasted suits with fob chains and the whole bit.’
    • ‘It was the country home of a wealthy pastoralist and stock agent, when the area was on the edge of the city.’
    • ‘One friend has already offered him three cows, while a stock agent called in this morning to say someone else wanted to donate a cow.’
    • ‘The stock agent says he has never seen the country looking so bad at this time of year and producers are doing it really tough.’
    • ‘A new tagging system to track cattle is causing major headaches for some farmers and stock agents.’
    • ‘Stock agents are collecting an extra fee from farmers buying and selling cattle in Southland so saleyards can pay for new technology.’
    • ‘It has forced stock agents to extend the auction at the Northern Victoria Livestock Exchange to two days.’
    • ‘Stock agents are talking about rain in various places, so while people aren't necessarily talking about the drought being over, they're definitely feeling more optimistic.’