Definition of stock and station in English:

stock and station


Australian, New Zealand
  • Denoting a firm or agent dealing in farm products and supplies.

    • ‘The wool industry employs a large part of our community - stock and station agents, shearers, employees in transport companies, shipping firms, auction houses, vehicle sales, and many others that pertain to that industry.’
    • ‘In order to comply with the legislation, stock and station agents must, when requested to do so, disclose to an inspector what could sometimes be considered confidential information.’
    • ‘We're joined by a stock and station agent who has been in the Orange area for a number of years to tell us all about livestock markets, from yardings to prices and everything in between.’
    • ‘A stock and station agent in Cowra in New South Wales is watching his industry change before his eyes’
    • ‘She also placed the bulk orders with stock and station agents and hired or fired the staff.’