Definition of stock dove in English:

stock dove


  • A gray Eurasian and North African pigeon that resembles a small wood pigeon and nests in holes in trees.

    Columba oenas, family Columbidae

    ‘In the summer of 2001 I had a first - feeding on spilled grain 20 yards from our garden gate I saw a mixed flock with every species of British dove: Turtledove, stock dove, rock dove, wood pigeon and collared dove.’
    • ‘Farmland birds that fared particularly well included kestrels, greenfinches and stock doves.’
    • ‘For six of the 20 ‘farmland species’ included in the DETR index (goldfinch, greenfinch, woodpigeon, whitethroat, jackdaw and stock dove), BTO data shows an increase in population, four by more than 50 percent.’
    • ‘The grey heron and stock dove were named as having successfully expanding populations in the Breeding Bird Survey, which monitored numbers between 1994 and 2003.’
    • ‘The stock dove, C. oenas, and the rock dove, C. livia, enjoy less esteem as table birds.’


stock dove

/ˈstäk ˌdəv/ /ˈstɑk ˌdəv/