Definition of stock exchange in English:

stock exchange

Pronunciation /stɑk ɪksˈtʃeɪndʒ/

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  • 1A market in which securities are bought and sold.

    ‘the company was floated on the stock exchange’
    • ‘By the end of the week, its shares may be delisted from the Nasdaq stock exchange.’
    • ‘It operates in 40 securities markets throughout the world, including stock exchanges in Frankfurt, London, Paris and Tokyo.’
    • ‘The NYSE stands alone among stock exchanges as a candidate for such status.’
    • ‘Investors lost significant amounts on stock exchanges and decided to move most of their savings into money market investments.’
    • ‘You can also buy shares in a handful of Russian companies listed on foreign stock exchanges, which avoids the need to find a Russian broker.’
    • ‘Unlike property, they are securities and hence are easy to buy and sell on stock exchanges.’
    • ‘He refused to confirm that an investigation by the stock exchange ever took place or is still ongoing.’
    • ‘When U.S. stock exchanges opened the next day, the markets crashed.’
    • ‘The wheat from the state reserve will be sold only through stock exchanges to mills registered under the Value Added Tax Act.’
    • ‘The bank has notified the stock exchanges and the Securities and Exchange Board of India about the same.’
    • ‘The respective stock exchange will ensure that all trades are settled on the settlement day.’
    • ‘Exchange-traded funds are index funds that trade on stock exchanges.’
    • ‘Long-term capital gains tax on shares would be exempt if bought and sold on a recognised stock exchange.’
    • ‘The best option for Aer Lingus would be to sell shares on the stock exchange.’
    • ‘Aaim is not listed on the stock exchange and profits are divided amongst investors.’
    • ‘The bonds were sold at the Luxembourg stock exchange hours after their issuing.’
    • ‘The stock exchange has a duty to investigate any unusual share trades ahead of market announcements.’
    • ‘Closed-end funds differ from mutual funds in that they have a fixed number of outstanding shares, which trade on the stock exchanges.’
    • ‘Closed-ended funds are traded on stock exchanges like stocks.’
    • ‘Big changes in corporate governance are already in the works as the stock exchanges demand new, independent boards of directors.’
    stock exchange, money market, bourse
    1. 1.1the Stock ExchangeThe level of prices in the stock market.
      ‘a plunge in the Stock Exchange during the election campaign’
      • ‘Haven't they always prided themselves on doing better than the Stock Exchange through all kinds of markets, bear or bull?’
      • ‘When they were delisted by the Stock Exchange three months ago, the price was down to 31p.’
      • ‘Already the prospect of the acquisition has raised an extra £15 million worth of investment on the Stock Exchange.’
      • ‘It floated on the Stock Exchange in December 2000 giving members an average £620 windfall each.’
      • ‘ABC Learning Centres led the way as the first to list on the Stock Exchange just three years ago in 2001.’
      • ‘The remainder of Bulgartabac was to be offered on the Stock Exchange.’
      • ‘The re-listing of Anglo American and Billiton here has revitalised the mining sector on the Stock Exchange.’
      • ‘It is a symptom of the age in which we live that even bastions of propriety like the Stock Exchange try to put the best gloss on their profits.’
      • ‘The Office has also agreed to provide support for the mobilization of capital for listing on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.’
      • ‘If Miller sold up, it would be listed on the Stock Exchange as a small company in an unloved sector - not the best set of circumstances.’
      • ‘Similarly, another suite concerns itself with the Stock Exchange and a few financial ups and downs.’
      • ‘Bula Resources shares were subsequently delisted by the Stock Exchange, leaving shareholders in limbo.’
      • ‘The company floated almost two years ago at e1.99, but is now listed in the bottom half of the Stock Exchange.’
      • ‘In December 2000 it floated on the Stock Exchange after its shareholders voted in favour of demutualization.’
      • ‘Since no one was prepared to compromise, the Stock Exchange made the mistake of trying to satisfy everyone.’
      • ‘One of our great early victories in that competition was against the Stock Exchange.’
      • ‘The shares in both companies were quoted on the Stock Exchange in London and Johannesburg.’
      • ‘So the club floated on the Stock Exchange and took all the financial rewards on offer.’
      • ‘It floated on the Australian Stock Exchange today, trading as high as $3.61 a share.’
      • ‘That is right, and given the context where it is listed on the stock exchange, its securities are traded.’