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stock option

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  • A benefit in the form of an option given by a company to an employee to buy stock in the company at a discount or at a stated fixed price.

    ‘The CPA suggests an employee stock option plan, offers to hire the attorney, prepare the documents and find a bank to finance the transaction.’
    • ‘Others are cutting back on stock options and replacing them with free shares.’
    • ‘The notice should be a stock option footnote in the financial disclosure statement, reflected in the earnings-per-share report and included in the statement of changes of stockholder equity.’
    • ‘All or most of the AMT from a stock option exercise is creditable in subsequent years to the extent that the regular tax exceeds the tentative minimum tax, although the excess may never materialize.’
    • ‘With profits under pressure, they will also cut back on bonuses and stock options.’
    • ‘Health insurance cover, pension schemes and stock options are also common.’
    • ‘But the trend toward share options or stock options as part of your salary package is a concern.’
    • ‘Tax generally has to be paid in the Republic on any money earned from rental property or stock options in Ireland.’
    • ‘Staff were left holding worthless stock options and pension plans when Enron went bust.’
    • ‘France's Vivendi Universal, bowing to shareholder outrage, no longer allows for discounts under its stock option plan.’
    • ‘Staff members receive a portion of the accelerator-owned stock options as a bonus.’
    • ‘Criteria should include bonuses, health insurance, and stock options, to name a few.’
    • ‘Further, many corporations of all sizes issue stock options to their directors.’
    • ‘In fact, most companies will tell you that stock options dramatically reduce turnover.’
    • ‘A true stock option plan is funded ultimately by the market’
    • ‘It also offered management directors equity and management employees stock options in the Smurfit Group.’
    • ‘He also called for companies to treat stock options as a compensation expense.’
    • ‘The government includes the cost of exercised stock options in its revised profits.’
    • ‘They bristle at a plan to expense stock options because it will lower their earnings.’
    • ‘Paying bonuses in cash and not stock options may be a remedy, he said.’


stock option

/stäk ˈäpSHən/ /stɑk ˈɑpʃən/