Definition of stock station in English:

stock station


Australian, New Zealand
  • A large farm on which the main business is breeding cattle, pigs, or sheep.

    ‘the rapid extension of stock stations over the face of the country’
    • ‘The films will tell how some 50 years ago the Aboriginal people left this vast plateau, the size of Belgium, drawn by the lure of money, tobacco and other novelties offered by distant buffalo camps, mines, stock stations and missions.’
    • ‘The unauthorised creation of stock stations on vacant Crown land arose only when a landowner's increasing stock numbers out-grazed the land available to him.’
    • ‘He lived and worked among convicts and labouring people and also had experience as an owner or manager of a stock station.’
    • ‘Our travellers took their departure from a stock-station near Lake George, with the intention of pursuing a direct course to the south-west.’
    • ‘There was no spare horse at the stock-station where I had enjoyed my temporary domicile.’
    • ‘The ascent commenced four or five miles from the Stock-station, and was, at times, abrupt and fatiguing.’
    • ‘A large majority of the White servants employed at the stock stations in the distant interior were, for the most part, men of depraved character.’
    • ‘There is much blasphemy among the men at the stock stations.’