Definition of stockholding in English:



See stockholder

  • ‘The report said that new Treasury-imposed accounting rules - known as resource accounting - may also have resulted in ‘poor decision making’ about the appropriate levels of stockholding.’
  • ‘The stockholding banks increased their assets by 34.3 per cent to 4.09 trillion yuan, while liabilities rose 34.5 per cent to 3.95 trillion yuan.’
  • ‘On Thursday, the company set aside nearly £50m from profits to cover the 5% stockholding the employees voted to accept.’
  • ‘Kerry Group's bid for Golden Vale had the unusual side effect of focusing attention on the combined worth of the co-op movement's stockholding in IAWS.’
  • ‘Let me begin by recalling and further welcoming the remarkable range of guests who are signalling their stockholding in the HSRC by joining in this important event.’