Definition of stockout in English:


Pronunciation /ˈstäkout/ /ˈstɑkaʊt/


  • A situation in which an item is out of stock.

    ‘the risk of a stockout is at its lowest’
    mass noun ‘a buffer against stockout’
    • ‘This high-level forecasting results in store-level stock-outs among retailers and dissatisfied consumers.’
    • ‘This system reduces the need for retailers to stockpile large inventories of a growing range of products, thereby reducing their risk of stock-outs, markdowns, and inventory carrying costs.’
    • ‘Collaboration also improves customer service by reducing stock-outs, giving consumers what they want when they want it and creating the opportunity for significant results to top line sales and bottom line profits.’
    • ‘‘We now see what we have out there weeks earlier than before, which helps us avoid stock-outs and keep our own inventory levels down,’ she says.’
    • ‘The time delay generated by the longer supply chain significantly increases the chances of both stock-outs in the near term, and excess and obsolete inventory in the long term.’
    • ‘These inventory management schedules permitted budgeting of raw material expenditures and minimized the risk of stock-outs by identifying seasonal variation in demand.’
    • ‘‘Drug stock-outs have been reduced from 15% to only 4.5%‘.’
    • ‘This virtually eliminates stock-outs and minimizes downtime waiting for parts.’
    • ‘This increase in system maintenance quickly created stock-out conditions in the supply system.’



/ˈstäkout/ /ˈstɑkaʊt/