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nounplural noun stomas, plural noun stomata/ˈstōmədə/ /ˈstoʊmədə/ /ˌstōˈmädə/ /ˌstoʊˈmɑdə/

  • 1Botany
    Any of the minute pores in the epidermis of the leaf or stem of a plant, forming a slit of variable width which allows movement of gases in and out of the intercellular spaces.

    Also called stomate

    opening, orifice, aperture, hole, outlet, inlet, vent
    1. 1.1Zoology A small opening like a mouth in some lower animals.
  • 2Medicine
    An artificial opening made into a hollow organ, especially one on the surface of the body leading to the gut or trachea.



/ˈstōmə/ /ˈstoʊmə/


Late 17th century modern Latin, from Greek stoma ‘mouth’.