Definition of stomach-churning in English:



  • Causing a feeling of nausea or disgust.

    ‘a movie filled with stomach-churning violence’
    • ‘The sound of someone gathering up phlegm is stomach-churning.’
    • ‘Finding your local town between the covers of a sharp, stomach-churning, well-written thriller is an unusual experience.’
    • ‘We raced up gravel hillsides with stomach-churning vertiginous views all around.’
    • ‘Every share picker endures a stomach-churning profit warning from time to time.’
    • ‘The company suffered a stomach-churning 21% drop in its average selling price.’
    • ‘Despite their stomach-churning eating habits, reptiles are becoming an increasingly popular choice of pet, particularly amongst women.’
    • ‘Instead of undertaking stomach-churning jungle challenges, the politicians had to answer questions fired at them online by some of the town's school children.’
    • ‘He presented me with a copy of his book, After Survival, which contains stomach-churning memories of what he witnessed as a youth.’
    • ‘Patrons are guaranteed breathtaking (and stomach-churning) views of the Munich skyline.’
    • ‘For $7, tourists sail off for a day's imbibing of stomach-churning mulberry wine on a ramshackle boat, boasting the loudest sound-system in the country.’
    • ‘I and a number of other women in the office find his behaviour stomach-churning.’
    • ‘The violence is, as advertised, stomach-churning and there are some scenes that will literally have you lurching in your seat.’
    • ‘"The children aren't scared," your partner snaps, as your holiday flight leaves the runway and begins its stomach-churning ascent.’
    sickening, stomach-turning, stomach-churning, nauseous, emetic, sickly