Definition of stomach-turning in English:



  • Causing a feeling of nausea or disgust.

    ‘large, stomach-turning photographs’
    • ‘Whether you are the guest or host, handling business over a meal does not have to be a stomach-turning experience.’
    • ‘Neighbours claim they have been living with "a stomach-turning smell" of sewage following a catastrophic leak in an empty house.’
    • ‘In stomach-turning detail, he recalled some of the gruesome images that have haunted him for the past six years.’
    • ‘The wickedly disgusting battle scenes proved as funny as they were stomach-turning.’
    • ‘We rounded a corner, and were confronted with some stomach-turning reality.’
    • ‘More earthquake rumbles follow, each ushering in even more layers of ungodly gorgeous sound and evoking a stomach-turning combination of fear and excitement.’
    • ‘Embalmer duties vary from distasteful to downright stomach-turning.’
    • ‘This machinery moves 30,000 pieces an hour, zipping them at high speeds around turns far tighter than those on even the most stomach-turning roller coaster.’
    • ‘Jurors also saw several stomach-turning crime-scene photos, despite protests by the defense that the pictures were gratuitous.’
    • ‘Some demonstrators hand out "vomit bags" to the show's visitors, suggesting that the exhibition will prove stomach-turning.’
    • ‘It is stomach-turning to realise that my parents, my pillars of strength and support, are victims of my wrongdoing.’
    • ‘They've dealt with the stomach-turning mess, the wet insulation, and the dank smell that permeated their home in the days after the flood.’
    • ‘The stomach-turning centre of the movie comes when she is aboard the plane, trying not to let anyone see how giddy and nauseous and terrified she is.’
    sickening, stomach-turning, stomach-churning, nauseous, emetic, sickly