Definition of stompy in English:



See stomp

‘A montage of myriad moods, strum strings and sleek synths; from the stompy, so-sexy-it's-wet Home Honey I'm High to the acoustic and assertive Last Boy on Earth, there is simply too much variety on this album to cover here.’
  • ‘Outwith festivals, the two sold-out Christmas shows at the SECC will be their biggest British gigs of the year, with 7,000 each night going mental when the stompy disco break of ‘Take Me Out’ kicks in.’
  • ‘My neighbours are loud and some of them are stompy, which annoys me.’
  • ‘What they do excel at, however, is what is on display with this album, namely upbeat stompy numbers about blue-collar kids' ordinary lives, loves and dreams.’
  • ‘I couldn't get back to sleep because it turns out she's not the only one in her family who's stompy.’