Definition of stone deaf in English:

stone deaf


  • Completely deaf.

    ‘he's stone deaf’
    ‘the stone-deaf person relies entirely on sight’
    • ‘I was fairly pooped by the time I'd hobbled through customs, filled in the usual lost luggage forms with the assistance of a stone-deaf baggage complaints officer and taken a three-hour taxi ride to the country where I'd intended to land.’
    • ‘George, who's 90 per cent blind, was at wit's end with fellow complex resident Francis, who was stone-deaf.’
    • ‘Church bells are a product of the Victorian era, or whoever invented them must have been tone-deaf or stone-deaf as the noise made is very unattractive to say the least.’
    • ‘Until now, the organization has remained stone-deaf to its critics - both external and internal.’
    • ‘For a start, we all believe he is stone-deaf, his eardrums melted long since.’
    • ‘Barbara has been left stone-deaf and through supporting the Foundation we want to help raise awareness of meningitis and septicaemia and hopefully £700 through sponsorship.’
    • ‘The commission in 1923 for a Saxophone Concertino came as a shock to Fauré, who had never even heard a saxophone played, and, by now stone-deaf, was unable to imagine what it sounded like.’
    • ‘I have a simple one and even surprised my stone-deaf aunt by getting through to her.’
    • ‘She was stone deaf and for years used the deaf and dumb alphabet.’
    • ‘I've been in pretty good health all through my life but I am stone deaf now and I have to wear a thing in my ear.’
    • ‘He was a 50-year-old father and establishment figure, recovering from an affliction that nearly killed him and left him stone deaf.’
    • ‘An ear infection had sent me stone deaf on my left hand side.’
    • ‘Such is the high-decibel onslaught that even the Gods could go stone deaf.’
    • ‘The next door neighbour was stone deaf so I thought I'd try out my new guitar and amp.’
    • ‘‘She must be stone deaf!‘shouted Angela, covering her ears and stepping back outside.’
    • ‘Ludwig, son of a drunk and a depressive, was beaten, cheated, and eventually went stone deaf.’
    • ‘There's no way you could miss it unless you were stone deaf.’
    • ‘People who claim in court that they drove a really fast car without realising just how fast they were going are either lying or stone deaf.’
    • ‘In 1792 Goya was struck down by a near-fatal illness which left him stone deaf.’
    • ‘The next moment, like a figure in a Kafka novel, he finds he has gone stone deaf.’
    hard of hearing, hearing-impaired, with impaired hearing, unhearing, stone deaf, deafened, profoundly deaf


stone deaf