Definition of stone face in English:

stone face


  • A face that reveals no emotions.

    ‘I was surrounded by a lot of people with stone faces’
    • ‘She wasn't crying, but she had a stone face with no emotion whatsoever.’
    • ‘Sarah tried to keep a stone face despite the emotions running deep.’
    • ‘David notices Vivian's stone face, emotionless and uncertain.’
    • ‘Perhaps that explains the stone face with which he read that awful statement of apology in which he cited his friendship with a Lebanese person as evidence of his supposed open-minded thinking.’
    • ‘The cook's stone face melted into a warm smile.’
    • ‘She could judge nothing from John's stone face.’
    • ‘Nick watched the place burn with his usual stone face.’
    • ‘It was awkward facing him again after the events of last night, but judging from his stone face, he seemed to have forgotten about it already.’
    • ‘Amelia nodded and allowed a smirk to show on her stone face.’
    • ‘Marcus had a stone face, with a cold expression carved into it.’
    • ‘When she looked up, she saw Eric with a stone face reaching down for her.’
    • ‘Barely being able to cover his anger, he looked at her with a stone face.’
    • ‘I was determined not to let him see my fear, so I stood there with a stone face.’
    • ‘Dr. Olson smiled at her, but Helen remained with a stone face as she looked up at the young doctor.’
    • ‘Looking back to Seth, she found his customary stone face staring right back at her.’
    • ‘He had a stone face while his companions were all laughing with joy over their loot.’
    • ‘Ida was flushing, though one would have to be as close as he was to her stone face to see that.’
    • ‘I tried to keep a straight face, but as we stared at each other both our stone faces cracked, and we ended up laughing together.’
    • ‘The boys all had stone faces, set hard in anger and shock and grief.’
    • ‘This time, I was straining my eyes on a dark bus and surrounded by a lot of people with stone faces.’