Definition of stonework in English:



mass noun
  • 1The parts of a building that are made of stone.

    ‘the stonework was repointed’
    • ‘They were never fond of the cramped, partitioned rooms with their low, timbered ceilings and heavy stonework, but the family quickly grew attached to the friendly neighborhood.’
    • ‘The properties at the top of the main building will have original stonework and vaulted ceilings exposing original beams.’
    • ‘As a millennium project it was decided to clad the concrete porch structure with stone so that it would blend in with the beautiful stonework of the main building.’
    • ‘The site manager said every inch of Victorian stonework inside the building had been covered in plywood to stop it being damaged.’
    • ‘Ironically, an appeal launched four years ago to raise funds for the restoration of the building's crumbling stonework is in a healthy state.’
    • ‘Repairs included re-lining the nave parapet gutters with lead, re-covering the north aisle roof with steel, and re-pointing stonework.’
    • ‘On either side were buildings made of brick with carved stonework and classical mouldings, suggesting that the town consisted of about a mile of ribbon development along the line of the road.’
    • ‘The prized gothic building, with its intricate stonework and archways, is getting a new roof, new gutters and good-as-new parapets for £1.2 million as part of a huge restoration project.’
    • ‘The daring duo was busy at work throughout the week, braving the elements to complete work on the re-pointing of stonework and the renewal of the two capping stones supporting the cross on the spire.’
    • ‘The project saw the renewal of stonework and replacement of masonry on the cathedral's rose window.’
    • ‘The decaying church building will be re-roofed, its stonework sandblasted and the spire will become part of one apartment.’
    • ‘These repairs uncovered extensive water damage to the supporting timbers, stonework and plaster, and it was feared that the church might be bulldozed.’
    • ‘The location calls out for sensitivity to the existing classical stonework and architectural elements.’
    • ‘High-sided heavy lorries, whose drivers have not spotted the height warning sign there, have been smashing into the structure, knocking chunks out of the stonework and shaking the building to its core.’
    • ‘The next part of the project is to re-point the stonework inside and out.’
    • ‘With its finely carved stonework and arched colonnades, this old building still possesses all the majesty of the middle ages.’
    • ‘This product can be used on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, pebbledash, stonework and brick.’
    • ‘Indeed, several of the architectural details, such as glazing grooves in the stonework, place the building within a few years of 1560.’
    • ‘The hotel was a four storey Victorian building with brittle brown wisps of ivy on the discoloured stonework around the door.’
    • ‘This refurbishment includes replacement, pointing and refurbishment of stonework on the four faces and the north and south transepts.’
    1. 1.1The work of a mason.
      ‘a masterpiece of clever stonework’
      • ‘Unlike the subtle white and cream stonework that would be employed by the masons of northern realms, the Rim palace was built of a dark material that had nothing of the airy grace and coolness of northern buildings.’
      • ‘There had been no datable finds from the first excavation, but the quality of stonework was so good that the excavators thought the buildings must be contemporary with brochs.’
      • ‘Graves these days are often marked with no more than concrete crosses, but some still exhibit elaborate stonework that reflect Portuguese influence.’
      • ‘Thomas III's estate included cut stones, unworked stones, building stones, and tools for stonework and smithing.’
      • ‘Their origins as a firm of stonemasons can be seen in the quality of their stonework, which was described as second to none.’
      • ‘The high quality stonework indicates that a very high status building stood above it as most medieval buildings were made of wood.’
      • ‘My stonework will be seen on buildings like the cathedral for hundreds of years, long after I'm gone.’