Definition of stonewort in English:



  • A freshwater plant with whorls of slender leaves, related to green algae. Many kinds become encrusted with chalky deposits, giving them a stony feel.

    Chara and other genera in the class Charophyceae, division Chlorophyta; sometimes placed in its own division (Charophyta)

    ‘Spirogyra, stoneworts, and desmids are all members of this fresh-water group of ‘green algae’.’
    • ‘Evidence for this is provided by stoneworts, highly specialised and complex algae that are often called the ‘coal-mine canaries of the plant world’.’
    • ‘The Charales, commonly known as stoneworts or brittleworts, flourish in fresh and brackish water habitats throughout the world.’
    • ‘This is Chara, commonly called muskgrass or stonewort.’



/ˈstōnwərt/ /ˈstoʊnwərt/ /ˈstōnˌwôrt/ /ˈstoʊnˌwɔrt/