Definition of stonker in English:



informal British
  • Something which is very large or impressive of its kind.

    • ‘it's a real stonker of a plan’
    • ‘These lower Avon dace are real stonkers, running up to 12 oz, providing good winter sport.’
    • ‘I woke up with a stonker of a hangover this morning - couldn't keep a glass of OJ down for more than 5 mins!’
    • ‘A blend of 70% Syrah and 15% aragones means this is a massive stonker of a wine.’
    • ‘Though the sale includes a separate two-storey detached residence, a cut-stone stable yard and a gate lodge, the private-treaty price tag is still a stonker: €18.5m.’
    • ‘All this wasn't helped by having a stonker of a headache caused by two bottles of very nice reserve Chardonnay on Saturday night.’
    • ‘Within a minute they were in front courtesy of a goal that, both in creation and execution, was a stonker.’
    • ‘The wrecks were large, the fish were whoppers, the sharks were absolute stonkers.’
    • ‘The boss has come up with your first proper assignment, Tom, and it's a stonker all right.’
    • ‘The only Champions League contribution of his I remember is a stonker of a goal against Manchester United four years ago.’



/ˈstäNGkər/ /ˈstɑŋkər/ /ˈstôNGkər/ /ˈstɔŋkər/