Definition of stony-faced in English:



  • Showing no emotion; impassive.

    ‘a cold-blooded, stony-faced assassin’
    ‘the foreign minister sat stony-faced and without applauding’
    • ‘However, even the worst sketches elicit a happy groan rather than stony-faced silence.’
    • ‘For their part, the women sat stony-faced, watching their menfolk make fools of themselves.’
    • ‘The campaigners, however, face a stony-faced industry with the law on its side.’
    • ‘They run into a stony-faced receptionist who is not inclined to listen to their sales pitch.’
    • ‘Murphy looked on stony-faced, showing no emotion.’
    • ‘Looking stony-faced, he left the police station on bail in a taxi after being questioned for six hours.’
    • ‘Right after Harrington pitched in from 70 yards for his second eagle of the day, his companion walked stony-faced from the green to the next tee.’
    • ‘When he occasionally raised his head, the look was one of stony-faced indifference to what was happening around him.’
    • ‘A stony-faced Chancellor refused to comment.’
    • ‘Another American, stony-faced and wearing dark glasses, came out and stood close enough to listen.’
    solemn, earnest, serious, sombre, sober, severe