Definition of stop bath in English:

stop bath


  • A bath for stopping the action of a preceding bath by neutralizing any of its chemical still present.

    • ‘Lawless recommends choosing the correct exposure in the stop bath - note the time from the strip that gives a normal-looking, if somewhat dark, positive image, with a good tonal gradation.’
    • ‘Continue the procedure until the negative has reached the necessary density, then transfer it to a stop bath and proceed as with other methods of development.’
    • ‘Develop the prints for the recommended time for our enlarging paper; then use a stop bath and fixer.’
    • ‘Develop your design by first immersing it in the trays of weaker solution, and then in the stop bath and the fixer trays.’
    • ‘After developing, I use a regular acetic acid stop bath, then a hardening fixer.’