Definition of stop by (or in) in English:

stop by (or in)

phrasal verb

  • Call briefly and informally as a visitor.

    ‘a nurse stopped by her room to see if she was asleep’
    ‘would you mind if I stopped by this morning?’
    ‘she stopped in for a cup of tea’
    • ‘I think there's a home health nurse who stops by to see him daily.’
    • ‘One can only wonder what conversation is like around the dinner table in their household when Mary stops by for a visit.’
    • ‘Our Beijing guide Max arranged for us to stop in and visit a hutong family and drink a cup of tea with them.’
    • ‘He stops by regularly to visit anyone who welcomes him, sometimes even when they don't!’
    • ‘The past few days, this old lady down the road had been bringing me food, so I figured she was stopping by again to drop off a meal.’
    • ‘He promised he'd call more often and told me I could stop by to visit and see Jeffery whenever I was free.’
    • ‘Matt had called her to tell her that he was going to stop by and drop off a demo track for her to critique.’
    • ‘He dressed quickly for school and figured Alice had slept in so he stopped by the guest room.’
    • ‘In his four years of high school he never passed up a chance to stop in my room for a game or two.’
    • ‘Doug said he would stop by in the morning before his shift, to see how she was doing.’