Definition of stop payment in English:

stop payment


  • Instruct a bank to withhold payment on a cheque.

    ‘the cheque has been certified, so you can't stop payment’
    • ‘Later the purchaser decided not to proceed with the transaction and told his bank to stop payment of the cheque.’
    • ‘It is said that the plaintiff company had stopped payment on those cheques and that the Bank failed to honour the order of the customer.’
    • ‘You can not stop payment on a cheque or otherwise withhold rent money from them.’
    • ‘The plaintiff stopped payment on the postdated cheque and advised Ms. Fusco that the $3,000 would be paid when the store was ready for occupancy.’
    • ‘Premier then, quite understandably, stopped payment on the cheque as the battled unfolded.’
    • ‘Unlike regular cheques, you can't call the bank to stop payment.’
    • ‘I told the bank to stop payment on any checks and forked over cash to my pal.’
    • ‘Well, I wish the banks were open so I could stop payment on all the employees bonus checks…’
    • ‘He said he spoke to the bank though, and that they can't do anything - stop payment or issue another - without his receipt.’
    • ‘After the robbers took it, he immediately called the guy he'd beaten and begged him to stop payment on the check and issue a new one.’


stop payment

/ˈstɒp ˌpeɪm(ə)nt/