Definition of stop short of in English:

stop short of


  • Not go as far as (some extreme action)

    ‘the measures stopped short of establishing direct trade links’
    • ‘Were you surprised at the charges that the attorney general leveled against him - stopping short of treason, stopping short of something that could have justified the death penalty?’
    • ‘But the Christie measures stop short of clamping cars whose drivers exceed parking time they have paid for, or who fail to pay.’
    • ‘He stopped short of actually defending high fuel taxes on environmental grounds, but the link has been made.’
    • ‘The company's art directors have always stopped short of what they see as blatant titillation.’
    • ‘I'm hoping for the US to stop short of that, but it's going to be pretty difficult.’
    • ‘Though stopping short of overtly red-baiting him, the newspaper continued to refer to his earlier associations with leftist organizations.’
    • ‘He knew all the heroin injecting crowd in this part of Milan but stopped short of that.’
    • ‘Next month, he is due to publish a long-awaited Public Health White Paper, which is expected to include measures to limit smoking in public places but to stop short of a total ban.’
    • ‘It stops short of allowing the donor's identity to be revealed but means children can, once they are 18, apply for information about the physical description, occupation and interests.’
    • ‘But so far the information commissioner has stopped short of calling for amendments to the Data Protection Act.’
    balk at, fight shy of, shy away from, recoil from, shrink from, draw back from, stop short of