Definition of stoplight in English:



  • 1North American

    another term for traffic light

    • ‘Only the honking of a car horn behind us, telling us that the stop light had turned green, sobered us up enough for Matt to start driving again, but he couldn't help grinning.’
    • ‘Indeed, there are times when the pedestrian traffic through the cemetery and around its perimeter is heavy enough to make one think about the need for a stop light inside.’
    • ‘The town has one stop light and a weekly newspaper called ‘The Lone Star Iconoclast.’’
    • ‘Peering north, deeper into town, Brian could see one flickering stop light at a right-angle intersection.’
    • ‘On Fifth and Sixth Avenues, cutting the length of Manhattan, are gauntlets of flag-sellers assailing vehicles at every stop light.’
    • ‘Why is it when you're running late, every stop light en route to your destination turns red, and traffic is a nightmare?’
    • ‘They decided to cross Oxford Street at roughly the same location rather than proceeding to a crosswalk or stop light.’
    1. 1.1A red traffic light.
      • ‘This oil pump is important because there is an idle-stop feature of the car, which means that the gasoline engine is off when, say, at a stop light.’
      • ‘He sketched from his car in a parking lot, or at a stop light or drive-up window.’
      • ‘When we were driving I hadn't really paid attention to what street we were on so I walked to the closest stop light and read the street sign.’
      • ‘Go through the stop light at Greenfield Street and take an immediate left on Park Street.’
      • ‘I'm sitting at the stop light, when it finally changes green I start to turn left but something hits the front of my car, I lose control and everything goes black.’
      • ‘She was thanking God that the speed limit wasn't very fast, and that the stop light was now red.’
      • ‘When they got to the stop light near the end of the street leading onto a intersection, Angelica would go straight, but Michael had to go left towards another subdivision past a small creek.’
      • ‘I mean, do I really care if people behind me at a stop light know that my truck is four wheel drive?’
      • ‘I was at a stop light in a big line of traffic when I looked up at the building next to me.’
      • ‘I tried to beat her to Safehaven, but a stop light kept me from heading her off at the pass.’
      • ‘Adele hummed along to the mindless pop song playing along on the radio as she tapped her fingers on the steering wheel in time to the synthesized drum beats, waiting patiently at a stop light.’
      • ‘Yesterday I was in my car, waiting at a stop light.’
      • ‘As I pulled to the stop light just before the freeway, a police car came screaming out of the drive through car wash, still soapy, and he headed up the road, too.’
      • ‘She pulled up at a stop light with her window down.’
      • ‘The men followed him to the first stop light and then began kicking his cab, shattering the passenger side window and removing a rearview mirror.’
      • ‘Then one night two years ago, Aaron was driving one of their friends home from their house and a drunk driver ran a stop light and hit the car.’
      • ‘Today while sitting at a stop light I noticed the man in the car next to me cramming some sort of burger in his mouth.’
      • ‘At the next stop light he deftly popped open the housing of the radio and switched something inside.’
      • ‘When we got to a stop light, I turned to look at her, but she quickly turned her head to stare out the window.’
      • ‘They hit another stop light shortly ahead, falling in behind a line of five or six cars all waiting for the light to turn.’
  • 2

    another term for brake light

    • ‘The stacked taillamps are vertical in orientation; there is a clear acrylic and polycarbonate lens covering three individual lamps: the top is a clear backup light; the middle is an amber turn signal; the bottom is the red stop lamp.’
    • ‘From a safety standpoint, a rear incandescent stop lamp takes 250 milliseconds to light up once the brake pedal is depressed.’
    • ‘A leather-cum-wood steering wheel, high-mounted LED stop lamp, restyled front and rear bumpers, multi-reflector fog lamps and elegant chrome-plated front grill are the added features.’
    • ‘External styling tweaks include electrically-adjustable heated wing mirrors, colour-coded rear spoiler with high-mounted stop lamp, 16-inch, five-spoke, alloy wheels and integrated roof rail and front fog lights.’
    • ‘Other standard equipment includes multi-reflector halogen headlights, rear wiper/washer, high level stop lamp, velour upholstery, adjustable armrests, six spoke 16-inch alloy wheels and a stereo radio / CD system.’
    • ‘The dubious honour of being the last case ever heard in Settle fell to a Newsholme man who was fined £180 for failing to maintain stop lamps and direction indicators on a JCB in Langcliffe.’
    • ‘The bulb in the high-mounted stop light in the rear window of my five-year-old car has blown and I can't loosen the screws to change it.’



/ˈstäpˌlīt/ /ˈstɑpˌlaɪt/