Definition of stopple in English:



  • A stopper or plug.

    • ‘The advantage of a bottle stopple is that it will require less copper during the cleaning process.’
    • ‘The stopple prevents inadvertent ejection of material stored in the hollow needle/push rod assembly.’
    • ‘But word soon came over a radio that no stopples for pipelines this large could be found in the region on short notice.’
    • ‘You simply fill the inside with copper and polish, place it inside the canister and fill the canister with copper and polish and secure it with the stopples as shown.’
    • ‘As late as 1825, these stopples were still the closure of choice.’
    stopper, stop, plug, bung, peg, spigot, spile, seal


[with object]
  • Seal with a stopper.

    block, block off, block up, stop up, plug, seal, seal off, seal up, shut off, shut up, cork, stopper, bung, bung up


Middle English partly a shortening of Old French estouppail ‘bung’, reinforced by the verb stop.