Definition of stopwork meeting in English:

stopwork meeting


Australian, New Zealand
  • A meeting of employees held in company time to consider strike action or the progress of an industrial dispute.

    ‘the dispute will be settled before Friday when a stopwork meeting of teachers is scheduled’
    • ‘New Zealand manufacturing workers concluded a series of mass stop-work meetings this week.’
    • ‘The campaign of industrial action was overwhelmingly approved at a series of recent stopwork meetings.’
    • ‘The offer was reported back to New Zealand Nurses Organisation members at stop work meetings over the last week.’
    • ‘Bus drivers from three of Perth's four private bus companies attended stop-work meetings on Wednesday to demand improved working conditions.’
    • ‘Brisbane City garbage collectors held a stop work meeting last Tuesday over council plans to use a new contractor.’
    • ‘About 100 workers gathered for a stop-work meeting yesterday demanding to know why management had misled them.’
    • ‘Nurses will be holding stopwork meetings from December 17 to consider the next move in the five-month dispute.’
    • ‘The stopwork meetings were intended to determine a plan of action in response.’
    • ‘A stop-work meeting will be held on March 13 to consider the new offer.’
    • ‘Another stopwork meeting is planned for next week to consider the outcome of negotiations.’