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  • 1The action or method of storing something for future use.

    ‘the chair can be folded flat for easy storage’
    • ‘the room lacked storage space’
    • ‘The lack of practical storage methods has hindered the more widespread use of hydrogen fuels, which are both renewable and environmentally clean.’
    • ‘These methods were successful in storage of rain water for future use.’
    • ‘And there is no widespread storage method today that mitigates this problem.’
    • ‘It's a common problem, but people who come to view your house will think there's a lack of storage space.’
    • ‘The lack of storage space already creates a problem for the workers and when the donations for the new centre start coming in they desperately need somewhere to store them.’
    • ‘As we have painfully learnt during periods of national food shortages, it is expensive and wasteful to let crops rot for lack of storage space.’
    • ‘To get around the lack of storage space, Tokyo shoppers shop more frequently than their American counterparts and tend to buy a lot of fresh food at local stores.’
    • ‘It helps that this apartment doesn't lack for storage space, a common complaint of city living.’
    • ‘The Environment Act and its regulations are quite clear and specific in defining acceptable methods of storage, application and use of manure on agricultural lands.’
    • ‘The first catalog offered eight pages and nine products dedicated to improving on existing methods of tool storage, organization and transport.’
    • ‘In addition to storage, management and spreading practices, the amended regulation also addresses methods for storage and disposal of dead animals.’
    • ‘The stairway left little room for counter or storage space.’
    • ‘There is plenty of additional storage space around the room.’
    • ‘Off the kitchen, a ceramic-tiled utility room has plenty of storage space and is fully plumbed and vented.’
    • ‘A door leads through to a utility room which has further storage space.’
    • ‘On the other hand, prolonged cold storage could be used as a tool for affecting oxidative metabolism.’
    • ‘You should also insist on off-site storage of the firearms as suggested above (in a gun safe).’
    • ‘Third - and here's the surprise - carbohydrates can directly increase fat storage.’
    • ‘Elevated cortisol leads to increased fat storage, particularly around the waistline.’
    • ‘Techniques must be developed for the destruction and/or storage of these wastes.’
    1. 1.1The retention of retrievable data on a computer or other electronic system; memory.
      ‘data storage’
      • ‘a storage capacity of two megabytes’
      • ‘The increase has been blamed on the rise of the Internet, electronic services and computerised storage of information turning data protection and privacy into a hot topic.’
      • ‘Have all their systems integrated with their back-end databases for real-time information storage and retrieval.’
      • ‘One of the biggest bottlenecks is the memory subsystem responsible for data storage and retrieval.’
      • ‘Offloading data storage and retrieval tasks to a relational database server means our programs can be smaller and easier to maintain.’
      • ‘The device was claimed to use Flash memory for storage rather than the usual hard drive.’
      • ‘Engineers and researchers have for many years dreamed of a world in which people could share immense computing power and data storage to improve the way they work.’
      • ‘It uses flash memory to provide nonvolatile storage, which means that a power source is not required to retain stored data.’
      • ‘As you're no doubt aware, computer storage has come a long way in the past 10 years.’
      • ‘From processors and storage to graphics cards and LCD monitors, here's the inside information you need to know.’
      • ‘Customers can then control the amount of bandwidth, memory and storage dedicated to each partition in some sophisticated ways.’
      • ‘On the other hand, databases provide advantages when it comes to data storage and retrieval.’
      • ‘Technology to improve electronic data storage and retrieval will also allow greater monitoring of organizational records.’
      • ‘The hardware architecture is typically a traditional three-level archive - storage is online, near line, or offline.’
      • ‘We also installed a disk drive for data storage.’
      • ‘As the description implies, the capacity is roughly 128MB, and the technology used for storage is flash memory.’
      • ‘Her primary research interests revolve around the problems of digital image storage and retrieval.’
    2. 1.2Space available for storing something, in particular allocated space in a warehouse.
      ‘Cooper had put much of the furniture into storage’
      • ‘Again there is no built-in storage but space is available to rectify this.’
      • ‘Bike storage will be available and additional parking from local area lots can be purchased.’
      • ‘We have secure storage available for these items.’
      • ‘Additional cement and fly ash storage is also available.’
      • ‘The hall also has a guest bathroom and understairs storage is available.’
      • ‘It is fitted with a range of wooden floor and wall units while further storage is available in a walk-in pantry.’
      • ‘The main bathroom has a corner bath with shower attachment and part tiled walls, while additional storage is available in the hot press and attic.’
      • ‘The kitchen/breakfast room has a range of wooden wall and floor units while further storage is available in the adjoining utility room.’
      • ‘The ground floor of the new building provides much needed storage and also workshop space for the Museum to build exhibitions.’
      • ‘One of the most pressing needs is for warehouse storage to ensure that the goods imported by businessmen and ordinary people are properly secured and remain safe.’
      • ‘When that happens we'll join Graham in Somerset, leaving our furniture and effects in storage pending the purchase of a suitable house close by the holiday camp.’
      • ‘A local warehouse provided storage for the cans and supplies.’
      • ‘We'll be putting some precious furniture and essentials into storage but only a few things we know we'll not have room for or will not fit into life in the City.’
      • ‘With most of my furniture in storage, I've had ample opportunity to appreciate the maximum surface area.’
      • ‘If so, do you need to consider putting some furniture into storage for a while?’
      • ‘One large, wood-paneled wall combines storage, display space, and library materials.’
      • ‘Our notebooks and other research material go into a ‘squirrel’ - warehouse storage somewhere in the country where they can be retrieved if need be.’
      • ‘Its space, layout, storage, bathroom facilities, amenities, and balcony were all well designed.’
      • ‘The hall also has a guest bathroom and understairs storage is available.’
      • ‘There is eaves storage available here, cleverly tucked away behind pine doors.’
    3. 1.3The cost of storing something in a warehouse.
      • ‘Father of one, Kenneth said that when you add up the amount of fuel they use plus running, maintenance and storage the planes cost around £800 an hour.’



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