Definition of storage heater in English:

storage heater


  • An electric heater that accumulates heat in water or bricks during the night (when electricity is cheaper) and releases it during the day.

    • ‘Concrete absorbs heat and re-radiates it slowly much like an electric storage heater.’
    • ‘Electric storage heaters replaced the stove and open fire.’
    • ‘Heating was provided by electric storage heaters with an electric cooker also included.’
    • ‘The house has oil fired central heating and also has electric storage heaters.’
    • ‘There are electric storage heaters in the house, which was rewired about 10 years ago.’
    • ‘Now there were electric storage heaters and carpets which simply needed vacuuming.’
    • ‘They describe it as a ‘beautifully-presented starter home’, with double glazing and electric storage heaters.’
    • ‘The houses have electric storage heaters and hardwood doubled glazed windows.’
    • ‘Why should they get gardens and brilliant new places, when we've got storage heaters and it's freezing in the winter?’
    • ‘The house has no central heating and is fitted with storage heaters which Mr Taylor - who has a crumbling spine and receives disability benefit - says he cannot afford to run.’
    • ‘I'm home now; my storage heaters are on, and my water bottle is hot.’
    • ‘They act as storage heaters, retaining warmth and gradually releasing it.’
    • ‘In particular, heating at the moment comes from a variety of storage heaters.’
    • ‘We limed the beams, stripped the wallpaper, laid limestone floor tiles, changed the light fittings and removed the ugly old storage heaters.’
    • ‘For a number of years researchers have identified the problem - the buildings and roads act like giant storage heaters.’
    • ‘She said life was getting back to normal but despite the cold weather she could not use her storage heaters until they were inspected.’
    • ‘The storage heaters have had to be turned off because they were using up too much electricity, apparently.’
    • ‘Energy from the windmill will be channeled into storage heaters and used as and when required.’
    • ‘In a new build, seriously consider underfloor heating to turn your acres of tile into toe-warming economical storage heaters.’
    • ‘Two new boilers will be installed and the old storage heaters will be removed.’


storage heater