Definition of store-and-forward in English:



  • Relating to or denoting a data network in which messages are routed to one or more intermediate stations where they may be stored before being forwarded to their destinations.

    ‘Less than a decade ago, messages could take several days to arrive, with delays caused whenever a server in a store-and-forward network went down.’
    • ‘The construction industry, for example, will prefer store-and-forward functionality.’
    • ‘Medical specialties that rely on images to formulate a diagnosis lend themselves to the store-and-forward method of telemedicine.’
    • ‘Although few early adopters have calculated the exact benefit from reducing e-mail and its associated store-and-forward costs, they say such a benefit clearly exists.’
    • ‘Unlike the store-and-forward nature of email, the web is a real-time medium where users expect to see real-time results with every click of the mouse.’



/ˌstôrənˈfôrwərd/ /ˌstɔrənˈfɔrwərd/