Definition of store-bought in English:



informalNorth American
  • Bought ready-made from a shop; not home-made.

    ‘after eating this, there 's no way I'm eating store bought rice pudding’
    • ‘Eating limited amounts is OK, but it is better to stick to homemade or store-bought bakery goods made with poly- or monounsaturated oils and egg whites.’
    • ‘Get rid of the bulky boxes the shoes came in, pop them into homemade or store-bought shoe bags, and line them up in neat rows inside the drawers.’
    • ‘I was surprised to see that store-bought, ready-mixed formulas are usually cheaper than hand-mixed.’
    • ‘It's not clear what sort of bread Di used, but odds are it was a store-bought loaf.’
    • ‘Regular homemade pudding may be used instead of store-bought pudding mix.’
    • ‘Homemade crackers are more pleasing than store-bought ones - and no more work to make than cookies.’
    • ‘Most candies, fried fast foods, and store-bought packaged cakes, cookies and crackers are packed with trans fats.’
    • ‘It's meaningful in a way a store-bought gift can never be.’
    • ‘Be cautious of eating raw store-bought cookie dough, though.’
    • ‘They were store-bought, the kind my mother would have scorned.’
    • ‘She wasn't a snob about cooking everything from scratch though, she also had her store-bought delicacies.’
    • ‘There's nothing store-bought or manufactured about this display either.’
    • ‘Even though it was the easiest, mildest winter in years, the store-bought apples taste like they always do in spring - not quite perfectly crisp, a little too sweet.’
    • ‘Many fried foods - as well as store-bought snacks and desserts - are made with these fats, which add unwanted calories and are unhealthy by all accounts.’
    • ‘Limit hydrogenated oils or trans fat from foods such as stick margarine, store-bought cookies, and processed items such as crackers and fast-food fries.’
    • ‘All the sandwiches come rolled in thin house-baked pita, in traditional Lebanese fashion, rather than stuffed in store-bought pockets.’
    • ‘We decorated it with store-bought Easter candy.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, all the desserts taste store-bought.’
    • ‘Follow your doctor's guidance and avoid giving your child store-bought medicines for vomiting or diarrhea unless your doctor recommends them.’
    • ‘I have used the dreaded store-bought curry powder in cooking Indian food’