Definition of store up in English:

store up

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phrasal verb

  • store something up, store up somethingCreate problems for the future by failing to address a particular situation adequately at the time.

    ‘they're storing up trouble by denying opportunities to younger players’
    • ‘There is little doubt many of us are storing up problems in our finances for our later years.’
    • ‘What's happening today is storing up major problems for the future.’
    • ‘In many ways the territorial settlement which Versailles established stored up problems for the future, not least in its reshaping of Germany.’
    • ‘Others feel the entire technology will store up problems for human health in the future.’
    • ‘Gordon Brown is storing up a lot of trouble over public sector pay.’
    • ‘Such action will simply store up fiery resentment which will eventually manifest itself in ever more dangerous ways.’
    • ‘Total freedom today would just be a way of running down accumulated social capital and storing up problems for the future.’
    • ‘Tonight, though, I think bad things may be stored up for the near future.’
    • ‘The internationalisation of Iraq's local conflicts threatens to divide Iraqis further and store up conflict for the future, rather than herald anything like a new era of freedom.’
    • ‘As well as inflicting misery on too many victims now, what kind of problems are we storing up for the future? "’