Definition of storeman in English:



  • A man responsible for stored goods.

    • ‘When assessing candidates for PR jobs these days, I am just as likely to hire an engineer, a storeman, an accountant or a waiter.’
    • ‘As soldiers waited for equipment from the stores, the corporal took the spare store key and unlocked the door, finding the storeman's body hanging inside.’
    • ‘A storeman in civilian life, he was officially responsible for provisioning and the armoury, but insisted on doing his share of combat patrols.’
    • ‘Nelson, a storeman for an agricultural company, was also disqualified from driving for five years.’
    • ‘The regular component consisted mainly of cadres of officers, warrant officers, clerks and storemen, and some coastal artillery units.’
    • ‘The fed-up householder, who has to be up before 7am six days a week to get to his job as a storeman, claims the families living in the adjoining house regularly play loud music and hold raucous singing sessions until as late as 5am.’
    • ‘Derek took up a job as a storeman and Kathleen was employed by a South Australian wine company.’
    • ‘His dad worked as a storeman at the electronics firm and his mum didn't work.’
    • ‘His father was not in the butchery business, but was a storeman in an engineering firm.’
    • ‘I once worked as a storeman for an electrical parts distribution company.’
    • ‘He has done well as a storeman and proved his overall ability as a conscientious guardsman.’
    • ‘He began his career with the unit as a storeman in 1968 but he never thought of actually joining the army.’
    • ‘About 40 workers, including housekeeping staff, kitchen hands and storemen, at the hotel went on strike for 24 hours over the sacking of 20 staff.’
    • ‘The strike erupted when management hired a storeman without first offering the position internally.’
    • ‘The men decided to strike after hearing that storemen at the company had received bonuses of $1,200.’
    • ‘The company has offered the women only half the redundancy settlement recently paid to its male storemen and packers.’
    • ‘Pat, a storeman, voted Labor but admitted that, 'I don't know any of their policies.'’
    • ‘Although relatively fit and healthy, the former head storeman at the prison was 84, and they accepted his time had probably come.’
    • ‘In three months at Hopkins I went from junior boy to head storeman and I thought this will do and I stayed there for seven years.’
    • ‘He applies for a job as storeman with an import company.’