Definition of storm-tossed in English:



  • Exposed to or characterized by strong winds and rain.

    ‘a boat on storm-tossed seas’
    • ‘a difficult and storm-tossed year’
    • ‘since the sea is storm-tossed, some lifeboats occasionally sink’
    • ‘Anne, who loved the sea in all of its many moods, looked out at the storm-tossed harbour longingly.’
    • ‘His eyes were a dark, smoldering blue, like the color of a deep, storm-tossed ocean.’
    • ‘Think of a captain on a storm-tossed ship, desperate to find land.’
    • ‘Two Plexiglas dioramas of a boat on storm-tossed seas depicted Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated South Pole expedition of 1914.’
    • ‘This section of southwest Oregon has many long, deserted stretches of sand, with storm-tossed shores good for beachcombing.’
    • ‘Alex sends up some more flares, and Scott finally manages to locate him and drag him aboard the storm-tossed boat.’
    • ‘Becalmed or storm-tossed, the view from the gallery's large windows is spectacular in any season.’
    • ‘The weekend's unseasonably cool weather and storm-tossed surf kept most beach-goers away.’
    • ‘I had made my escape from Alcatraz, survived the storm-tossed Irish sea, and was back in civilisation, or a decent approximation thereof.’
    • ‘A British sailor survived on a liferaft for three nights in a storm-tossed sea without food or drinking water after his boat sank off Spain's Balearic Islands.’