Definition of storm cloud in English:

storm cloud


  • 1A heavy, dark rain cloud.

    ‘black storm clouds rolled inexorably down the valley’
    • ‘They shoot up from the tops of thunderstorms about the same moment lightning discharges within the storm cloud.’
    • ‘Instead of the uniform grayness of the rainy day, we have the black storm cloud and brilliant lightning flash.’
    • ‘When the local topography permits, you can see lightning and the associated storm cloud from anywhere up to 200 miles away.’
    • ‘Hanging ominously above the rooftops of west London is a massive storm cloud.’
    • ‘Waterspouts are basically tornadoes that are over water, and downbursts are violent gusts of winds blowing directly downwards from the storm cloud.’
    • ‘This effect has already been used for some interesting experiments, such as firing a pulsed laser into a charged storm cloud to initiate a lightning strike back down the light beam.’
    • ‘As the ball passed through one of the clouds the cloud lit up for a split second, as if there was a lightening storm within, although it was clearly not a storm cloud.’
    • ‘It was only a storm cloud, she reassured herself.’
    • ‘I was thinking back to the last time I saw Franklin's gulls like this and it was right before a storm, a flock was flying around for insects right in front of the storm cloud.’
    • ‘Eleanor nodded, the storm cloud up ahead growing larger.’
    • ‘However, his efforts to silence her weren't needed, because a huge storm cloud came up, and with it, energy frizzed in the air.’
    • ‘I looked up to see that I was driving in the middle of a storm cloud.’
    • ‘It was a horrible storm cloud now, blocking out the sun, blocking out the blue of the sky, reaching almost as far as the eye could see.’
    • ‘He took Faith's hand in his as they walked toward the sunset, a storm cloud hung overhead, but Faith chose to ignore it.’
    • ‘The storm cloud outside the window was a common nineteenth-century symbol of sadness and mourning.’
    • ‘Soon, a bizarre storm cloud hovers over New York City, seen in the distance from Ray's Newark home.’
    • ‘He bailed out, the machine falling away, but his parachute was sucked into a storm cloud.’
    • ‘It was a black, malevolent storm cloud, twitching and pulsing, rolling in, already filling up the stretch of the sky at the horizon.’
    • ‘The sea became calm for as far as they could see, and the huge black storm cloud vanished from the sky.’
    • ‘A big black storm cloud hangs in the sky as we wait to set off for the Kingston Green Fair.’
    1. 1.1storm cloudsUsed in reference to a threatening or ominous state of affairs.
      ‘the beginning of the decade saw storm clouds gathering over Europe’
      • ‘Some perceive the storm clouds gathering over Egypt's political life.’
      • ‘Collins had seen the storm clouds gathering over East Timor's future.’
      • ‘Zweig saw the storm clouds gathering over his native Austria earlier than many.’
      • ‘But with storm clouds gathering over the global economy, the question is just how good that deal will be.’
      • ‘Many agency firms that have seen storm clouds gathering over the market have simply opened their umbrellas and continued on with business.’
      • ‘These meetings eventually became public knowledge, and Austin clearly saw the storm clouds gathering.’
      • ‘But the flood of new debt continues this year despite the ominous and unmistakable storm clouds of global financial and economic crisis.’
      • ‘Ominous storm clouds darkened in the U.S. this week, as a faltering equity market and weakening dollar joined a troubled Credit market.’
      • ‘The director uses a variety of expressionistic techniques to create alternating moods of lyricism and ominous storm clouds.’
      • ‘In sum, speculation ran absolutely rampant while ominous storm clouds gathered on the horizon.’
      • ‘She continued on as storm clouds grew in Reynald's face.’
      • ‘As the sultry summer wears on in Korea, though, storm clouds are threatening the car manufacturer's expansive dreams.’
      • ‘But low inflation is little comfort when storm clouds gather over the jobs horizon.’
      • ‘The storm clouds which have been gathering ominously for some time now, have finally burst, bringing a whole world of pain and torment raining down upon our heads.’
      • ‘Our team had a storm cloud over us today, following some surprisingly bad news relayed by the night float.’
      • ‘Instead they were all overshadowed by the black storm cloud that hovered above me and made every day - even important, landmark days - a struggle.’
      • ‘But there's a storm cloud on the horizon - privacy concerns - that many people were talking about.’
      • ‘The second storm cloud is the threat, which leaked out last weekend, of the UK government introducing Capital Gains Tax on house sales.’
      • ‘When our lovely mother declared she adored Walter at that shindig, a storm cloud threatened to haunt me for the rest of my life.’
      • ‘However, the storm cloud of higher rates now appears to have been blown off course by the chill winds of threatened recessionary pressures.’


storm cloud