Definition of storm door in English:

storm door


North American
  • An additional outer door for protection in bad weather or winter.

    • ‘In any case, never add a glass storm door if the door gets more than a few hours of direct sun each day.’
    • ‘Add an attractive storm door to protect the entry door and keep heat inside in the winter, and bugs out in the summer.’
    • ‘The outer door was propped open, the storm door the only one keeping the bugs from entering the house.’
    • ‘She had a little trouble unlocking the storm door, and meanwhile he backed away to the edge of the porch, as though she might come toppling through.’
    • ‘I'd decided to buy a new storm door for the house and new wood blinds for the kids bedrooms and a long overdue haircut and highlighting.’
    • ‘They keep propping the wooden door open for no apparent reason - it's not like the storm door lets any air in.’
    • ‘She rushes toward their house, opens the metal storm door and runs into the kitchen.’
    • ‘She pushes open the storm door and dashes out swiftly.’
    • ‘If you don't have windows, or you do have windows but they don't face toward the door, or if you don't have a peephole or a storm door, what are you supposed to do?’
    • ‘The male cat, Boot, is very intelligent and quickly learned that we would come to let him in the house if he jumped up against the storm door and made noise.’
    • ‘Mrs. Benson held the storm door firmly shut and smiled saccharinely at the girls while making shooing motions with her free hand.’
    • ‘Instead of entering straight through the original front door, Moray created a lobby off the hallway with a storm door to prevent cold air streaming inside.’
    • ‘I've asked and asked them to leave the storm door open but they won't.’
    • ‘After dragging him down the stairs, several cops picked him up and rammed him head first through the glass pane of a storm door.’
    • ‘Check the exterior caulking around doors and windows, and see whether exterior storm doors and primary doors seal tightly.’
    • ‘A few steps and a porch with classical columns lead to the outer storm doors which themselves in turn open on to an grandiose entrance vestibule.’
    • ‘‘Right now is our busy season for installation of storm doors and windows,’ he says.’
    • ‘I enjoy savoring the renewed appreciation for wool sweaters, thick gloves, steaming mugs, spicy beef stew, fresh hot bread, glass storm doors, and icy windshields that had grown so tiresome at the end of last winter.’
    • ‘The greenhouse bay - glazed with glass from discarded storm doors - brings design interest to the classic shed proportions.’
    • ‘A large range of materials and options affect the price and quality of storm doors.’


storm door