Definition of storm water in English:

storm water


mass noun
  • Surface water in abnormal quantity resulting from heavy falls of rain or snow.

    • ‘When it rains storm water washes the accumulated waste into the water sources.’
    • ‘The facility also uses storm water rather than potable water to wash city vehicles and to flush toilets.’
    • ‘Another way to manage your own storm water is to get a rain barrel, which can be attached to your downspout to store rainwater and prevent it from flooding your basement.’
    • ‘The approach used for decades to manage storm water has exacerbated the problem by concentrating and removing water from a site as quickly as possible.’
    • ‘In the newer sectors the intake of storm water is one inch in one hour.’
    • ‘The terracotta tiled roofs ensured a cool ambience and perfect draining of storm water, which would then flow out to the fields beyond, through a system of channels.’
    • ‘Once again, pollution-laden storm water had been flushed from sewers into the lake contaminating drinking supplies.’
    • ‘A public meeting heard that privies from some houses went directly into a ‘rubble drain’ originally intended to take away storm water.’
    • ‘Mr Jennings recounted the scene - torrential rain hit, forcing sewage up from every available drain and hole as it mixed with the overflowing storm water.’
    • ‘Homeowners use native species for landscaping; constructed wetlands catch and filter storm water.’
    • ‘There were still issues outstanding relating to the disposal of storm water but these were being monitored by the enforcement section.’
    • ‘Many had to wade through knee-deep storm water to reach home.’
    • ‘The tanks can hold up to 10,000 cubic metres of storm water.’
    • ‘If you happen to live in an area that was developed over the past few years, there might even be a system to remove storm water nearby.’
    • ‘Their roots sucked up storm water and held earth in place, preventing erosion.’
    • ‘He also recommended that storm water should be drained to the rivers.’
    • ‘As well, oil and grit interceptors are to be placed in the parking lot to ensure storm water is dealt with appropriately.’
    • ‘The intention was that storm water should drain from the roof partly into perimeter gutters and partly into the valley gutter.’
    • ‘Inadequate pipes carry large volumes of storm water from the Slaters Creek basin to the river.’
    • ‘Green roofs absorb storm water and filter polluted runoff before it ends up in our lakes.’