Definition of stotinka in English:


nounplural noun stotinki/-kē/

  • A monetary unit of Bulgaria, equal to one hundredth of a lev.

    ‘Public transport fees were to go up by 10 stotinki to 50 stotinki a trip.’
    • ‘Whether you teach children to save stotinki or cents, your family's financial attitudes travel with you.’
    • ‘At last Bulgaria had its own unit of currency - the lev, divided into 100 stotinki.’
    • ‘The price of a loaf of bread of 700 grams in Silistra increased by 10 stotinki and in Kardjali a loaf costs 60 stotinki.’
    • ‘Beer bottles are returned, yogurt pots grow seedlings, sardine tins store nails, organic waste feeds chickens, newspaper and cardboard can be sold for recycling at 10 stotinki per kilo.’



/stôˈtiNGkə/ /stɔˈtɪŋkə/


Bulgarian, literally ‘one hundredth’.