Definition of stout-heartedness in English:



See stout-hearted

  • ‘To do that for the sake of corporate stout-heartedness is, I think, the acme of what Aristotle meant by virtue.’
  • ‘The January-February floods demonstrate the capacity of our people for resilience, stout-heartedness, imagination, innovation and planning, in responding to a national crisis.’
  • ‘The qualities he then displayed of stout-heartedness and independence he retained through his life and by his example he often infused them into those he had the opportunity of helping when in difficult circumstances.’
  • ‘According to one author, the Weisshorn required more than average stout-heartedness due to the airy and exposed summit ridge.’
  • ‘God allows us thorns in the flesh so that we can be adorned with the graces of humility, perseverance in prayer, closeness to God, faith with expectation, stout-heartedness in the face of temptations, boldness before the face of God, and wisdom.’