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stow away

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phrasal verb

  • Conceal oneself on a ship, aircraft, or other passenger vehicle in order to travel secretly or without paying the fare.

    ‘he stowed away on a ship bound for South Africa’
    • ‘He stows away on a Portugal-bound ship, has qualms about the reception that might await him, and jumps ship at St. Helena.’
    • ‘What's strange is that you're stowing away on a ship in the first place.’
    • ‘He ran away from home aged 15, stowed away on a ship and ended up in South America.’
    • ‘Tired of that lifestyle, she stows away on a ship headed toward America.’
    • ‘She recalled stowing away on a ship bound for Guardian Island.’
    • ‘A year later he arrived in Western Australia, after stowing away on a container ship.’
    • ‘One might expect strong, restless, highly motivated people to follow - the kinds of people who stowed away on ships from Europe and Asia to build new lives in America.’
    • ‘He stowed away on a ship, and I fled back to my pirate friends.’
    • ‘Three years later he was refused admission to the Paris Conservatoire because he was too young, and in 1872 he stowed away on a ship bound for the Americas.’
    • ‘Instead he stowed away on a cargo ship and ended up back in Ireland.’
    • ‘By the time he was eleven years old he too wanted to see the world and stowed away on a ship in Port Adelaide bound for England.’
    • ‘Few people stow away on our ship, not if they know who we are.’
    • ‘Anstey stowed away at the age of 11, jumped ship in Sydney and spent 10 years as a seaman.’
    • ‘Well, no one's to leave the harbor, for fear the man will stow away on one of the ships.’
    • ‘One night Michael stows away in his father's car and is witness to the murder of an uncooperative mob associate.’
    • ‘Ms Hopkins believes Jack stows away on lorries and cars and is transported unwittingly far from home.’
    • ‘Pop described how he escaped Mayo poverty, four years before the Easter Rising, by stowing away on a boat to England, where he planned to earn passage to America.’
    • ‘It is believed up to 40 people stowed away on the English, Welsh and Scottish Railways train travelling from Milan to England.’
    hide, conceal oneself, secrete oneself
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