Definition of straight chain in English:

straight chain


  • A chain of atoms in a molecule, usually carbon atoms, that is neither branched nor formed into a ring.

    as modifier ‘straight-chain alkanes’
    • ‘In addition, the chemistry of a compound is strongly affected by whether it is a straight-chain molecule or a ring compound, and whether that ring is aliphatic or aromatic.’
    • ‘Acids are used to raise the octane levels of gasolines by converting straight-chain hydrocarbon molecules to highly branched molecules.’
    • ‘An alkyl group is a straight chain molecule, but if the modifier is in the form of a ring structure it is more properly called an aryl group.’
    • ‘These reactions will produce an aromatic molecule from a starting point of an aliphatic, straight chain molecule.’
    • ‘Just about any polymer made of straight-chain molecules has the potential to align its chains.’